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CleanLight Water Purifier 40 by CleanLight

CleanLight Water Purifier 40 CleanLight
CleanLight Water Purifier 40 CleanLight CleanLight Water Purifier 40 CleanLight

In the CleanLight Water Purifier, UV-C radiation of 253.7 nm wavelength is produced by the special CleanLight UV lamp, ensuring a lethal effect on bacteria (including Legionella bacteria), fungi and algae.

Installation manual: Here you can download the manual

The CleanLight UV-C purifier provides an efficient and environmentally friendly way to clean, fresh and clear water. The water is fed through the UV-C unit by means of a pump. The UV-C radiation neutralises bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms and prevents them from reproducing.

The CleanLight UV-C Water Purifier has a built-in high-frequency electronic ballast. This ballast absorbs current fluctuations, thereby protecting the lamp. The CleanLight Water Purifier also includes an integrated hour meter that accurately monitors the number of hours. You can see exactly when the lamp needs to be replaced.

In addition, the stainless-steel interior reflects the UV-C radiation, thereby the efficiency is increased to 35%. Thanks to the CleanLight UV-C Water Purifier your water will be disinfected efficiently and safely, and providing you with excellent water quality.

Advantages of UV-C treatment water:

  • Ensures fresh, clean and clear water
  • Disinfects water efficiently and safely
  • Keeps mold, bacteria and algae under control
  • Better for the environment than traditional methods
  • Can reduce the use of chlorine and other chemicals up to 80%
  • Prevents chlorine smell and irritation of skin and eyes (red eyes)
  • Better for the environment than traditional methods

Benefits of CleanLight UV-C Water Purifier 40:

  • Built-in electronic ballast for an even power supply.
  • Up to 35% more UV-C produced by reflection
  • Has a CleanLight UV-C lamp with a lifetime of 9000 hours
  • Integrated adjustable time meter for the UV-C lamp
  • Digital indication when the lamp needs to be replaced
  • 316L stainless steel housing
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Earthed
  • reducers of Ø 63mm to Ø 50mm included

This CleanLight Water Purifier 40 can be used for the disinfection of water in swimming pools, basins or other installations. In this way, keeping the water free from fungi, bacteria and algae is made simple. UV light has been used for decades to disinfect or decontaminate hospital rooms, the CleanLight Water Purifier is a simple solution for small to medium quantities of water. It keeps the water clean from bacteria, fungi and algae.

Technical specifications

  • Swimming pool content: 40,000 L
  • Lamp: 40 Watt
  • UV-C (W): 15 Watt
  • Max. flow: 20,000 L/h
  • Max. pressure: 2 bar
  • Connection: Ø63-50mm
  • Length of the device: 100cm
Brand: CleanLight
Product Code: CleanLight Water Purifier 40
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Price: £739.95
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