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Hanna pH, EC, DO digital portable meter (pH electrode included only) HI-98199 by Hanna

Hanna pH, EC, DO digital portable meter (pH electrode included only) HI-98199 Hanna

The HI-98199 is a versatile meter that can monitor pH, EC, and dissolved oxygen when paired with the respective probe. Hanna’s pH probe is included with the HI-98199 and the EC and DO probes can be ordered separately.

  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • pH

The HI-98199 allows for the measurement of pH and temperature when used with the included HI-829113 digital pH probe.

  • Up to a three-point calibration with five standard buffers and one custom buffer available
  • pH in mV option is useful for diagnostics
  • GLP data Offset, slope, date, time and buffers used
  • Automatically temperature compensated readings
  • pH sensor Gel filled and maintenance free
  • Double junction for reduced contamination of reference cell

Temperature compensation

Automatic polarisation of probe at startup
Ready-to-use HDPE pre-tensioned membrane caps are easy to replace

Backlit Graphic LCD Display

The HI-98199 features a backlit graphic LCD with on-screen help and the capability to display multiple parameters simultaneously. The use of virtual keys to provides for an intuitive user interface.

Waterproof Protection

HI-98199 is enclosed in an IP67 rated waterproof casing and can withstand immersion in water at a depth of 1 m for up to 30 minutes. The probes feature an IP68 rating for continuous immersion in water.

Quick Connect Digital Probe

pH, EC, and DO probes feature a Quick Connect DIN connector that makes a waterproof connection with the meter.

Auto-sensor Recognition

The probe and meter automatically recognize the sensors that are connected.

Data Logging

The HI-98199 allows users to store up to 45,000 continuous or log-on-demand samples with logging intervals from one second to three hours.

PC Connectivity

Logged data can be transferred to a Window’s compatible PC with the included micro USB cable and Hanna software.

GLP Data

HI-98199 includes a GLP feature that allows users to view calibration data and calibration expiration information at the touch of a key. Calibration data includes date, time, buffers/standards used for calibration, and slope characteristics.

Dedicated Help Key

Contextual help is always available through a dedicated “HELP” key. Clear tutorial messages and directions are available on-screen to quickly and easily guide users through setup and calibration. The help information displayed is relative to the setting/option being viewed.

Long Battery Life

The meter displays a battery icon indicator to show the remaining power. The meter uses four 1.5V AA batteries that provide up to 360 hours of battery life.

Versatility when you need it

Each probe transmits readings digitally to the meter, where data points can be displayed and logged.


The HI-98199 allows for the measurement of conductivity, TDS (total dissolved solids), Resistivity, Salinity, seawater ?, and temperature when used with the optional HI-763093 digital EC probe.

  • Single-point calibration from six standards
  • Temperature compensation Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Configurable temperature coefficient range from 0.00 to 6.00%/°C
  • Choice of reference temperatures at 20 or 25°C
  • Absolute conductivity can be displayed along with the temperature compensated value


Salinity readings Practical Salinity Scale (PSU) based on conductivity calibration

Dissolved Oxygen

The HI-98199 allows for the measurement of dissolved oxygen, atmospheric pressure, and temperature when used with the optional HI-764103 digital DO probe.

  • Display units in % saturation or ppm (mg/L)
  • Salinity compensation for saline waters Manual entry of salinity values
  • Readings compensated for salinity effects
  • Built-in barometer Automatic compensation for changes in atmospheric pressure
  • User selectable units

Please note: Includes pH electrode, EC and DO probes sold seperately.

Brand: Hanna
Product Code: HI-98199
Availability: In Stock
Price: £865.08
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