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AirCon Digital Day/Night Remote Controller (BETA-1) by TrolMaster

AirCon Digital Day/Night Remote Controller (BETA-1) TrolMaster
AirCon Digital Day/Night Remote Controller (BETA-1) TrolMaster AirCon Digital Day/Night Remote Controller (BETA-1) TrolMaster AirCon Digital Day/Night Remote Controller (BETA-1) TrolMaster

The Beta-1 is a simple Day/Night Remote Controller for Mini-Split Air Conditioners

The Beta-1 uses the remote control that came with your mini split air-conditioner to “learn” how to change the setpoints on the mini-split. Just about any brand of mini-split unit can be controlled by the Beta-1. Once the Beta-1 learns the signals from your remote controller, it will automatically change the setpoint on the mini-split to two separate Day and Night temperatures. It does this AUTOMATICALLY by using a small IR (infrared) emitter / sending unit that will send the same signal to the mini-split, as the remote control would normally send.

The remote controller’s teach & learn process takes about 5 minutes. Once remote control programming is complete, the user simply selects the day and night temperature settings they want to use on the Beta-1 control panel. A built-in photocell / light sensor will determine when it is Day and Night. The Beta-1 will then activate (send a signal to the mini-split unit) to go to the correct temperature setpoint based on the photocell status.

The Beta-1 unit can be mounted anywhere inside the area to be controlled as long as the unit is positioned to that the photocell on the front of the Beta-1 receives enough light to detect when it is Daytime. The IR emitter is then mounted in a position so that it has direct line of site to the mini-split indoor air-handler unit in order to send the IR signal to the mini-split unit.

The Beta-1’s temperature sensor provides a clear temperature reading of the current temperature inside the area being controlled, as well as the current temp setting selected. The temperature sensor will also constantly monitor and re-send the IR signal to the mini-split if the Beta-1 does not detect the temperature changing.

The Beta-1 can be set to cool only, heat only, or cooling AND heating depending on the mini-split unit’s capabilities. The Beta-1 is easy to use, reliable and effective at providing separate Day and Night temperature settings for your mini-split air conditioner.

Package Contents

  • 1 x Beta-1 Controller
  • 1 x Signal Emitter


  • Input Voltage: 120 Volts AC
  • Maximum Current: 0.2A
  • Working Environment: Temperature 32-122°F, Humidity≤90%
  • AC Power Cord Length: 1.8m
  • Packaging Dimensions: 275mm(L) x 87mm(W) x 94mm(H)
  • Gross Weight: 0.56kgs
Brand: TrolMaster
Product Code: AirCon Digital Day/Night Remote Controller (BETA-1)
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