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AdViroVent 13.6kW (46000BTU) 3 Phase Climate Control – Chilled Water Split System by AdViroVent

AdViroVent 13.6kW Climate Control – Chilled Water Split Systems
AdViroVent 13.6kW Climate Control – Chilled Water Split Systems AdViroVent 13.6kW Climate Control – Chilled Water Split Systems AdViroVent 13.6kW Climate Control – Chilled Water Split Systems AdViroVent 13.6kW Climate Control – Chilled Water Split Systems

13.6kW AdViroVent Climate Control – Chilled Water Split Systems

For a max of 23 x 600W Lights

We have been missing something in the UK indoor growing industry, especially for closed loop, sealed environment growers, who have had enough of cooling systems which simply do not work, or regularly fail. A bulletproof cooling system with high end components and intuitive craftsmanship, backed up with unparalleled knowledge and support, THAT REQUIRES NO ENGINEER TO INSTALL!

Aimed at serious grower who want uncompromised cooling and moisture removal for closed loop gardening applications, we have a revolutionary new split cooling system available. The most power efficient, low amperage and easy to install industrial climate control systems in the world are now exclusively available for indoor growers who cannot afford to have machine failure in their gardens.

  • No Engineer Required, No refrigerant, True DIY install
  • Process cooling capable components will NOT fail or breakdown
  • Day/night customizable control of temperature and moisture removal
  • Extremely efficient, low amperage start up
  • Outperforms rated cooling capacity, you get more cooling than you pay for
  • Built in Hepa and Active Carbon filtration
  • Free cooling in colder outdoor conditions below 15 degrees Celsius
  • Bespoke accessories and control packages available
  • Available for all small to large sized situations.
  • Especially recommended for Large closed Loop scenario’s

These units are custom built and fabricated from industrial process cooling split chiller systems. These systems are used in server rooms, hospitals, laboratories and applications where cooling system failure simply cannot be allowed to happen. This piece of artwork, if properly maintained, will never break down and requires no refrigerant connections between the indoor and outdoor unit like air conditioners do, so you can’t mess up the install. Seriously, a child could install one, or disassemble one in a few hours!

The initial cost may seem expensive, but these units can absolutely handle more than their rated cooling load, they require no engineer for installation, they run silent, they use a third of the start-up current of a traditional air conditioning system, the pipe runs are push fit plug and play and can run to almost any length and they use no refrigerant in the split loop like air conditioners do.  You simply fill the internal reservoir with water and glycol and turn it on, it’s that easy. It’s a split system so it wastes no water, it has massive dehumidification capability, can automatically switch from heat and cool mode on the fly, it has built in G4 Hepa and activated carbon filtration and runs clean and sterile. It is very easy to maintain and service, adjustable flow temperature to fine tune required moisture removal rates.  In colder climates and cooler times of the year, you will get almost free cooling as the compressor will only run when the outdoor temperature exceeds the recommended chilled water flow rate of 15°C. Massive moisture removal - approximately 25 litres per day per 12000 BTUs of cooling. Digital daytime and night-time temperature and humidity control, 7 day clock for custom temperature settings on specific intervals, available from small to very large sizes to suit any situation.

Fully bespoke systems and additional custom control packages available upon request. Fabricated plenums, ductwork, damper systems, air socks and everything else imaginable, all available upon request. Expert customer support is always available for all technical help and enquiries; consultancy for room designs, cooling system sizing and everything related will be at your disposal.

These machines will over perform to their rated cooling loads unlike other alternatives which barely get close to their rated capacity i.e. if you pay for 70000 btus of cooling, you will get more than that even in the most extreme outdoor conditions, it will eat it up and keep going with relentless efficiency, all day, every day, for years without fail!!!!

Available for 8 x 600w light setups all the way to 65 x 600w light setups.

Nominal Cooling Capacity

Cooling capacity kW/BTU 13.6/46000
Max Lights (600W)   23
Total absorbed power kW 3.33
Capacity control Steps 1
No. of circuits   1
No. of compressors   1
Compressor type   Scroll
ESEER   3.21
Refrigerant   R410a


Evaporator operating °C 15/20
Fluid / glycol   Water
Evaporator water flow rate l/sec 0.64
Fouling factor m2C/kW 0
Connections   1" Female BSP
Tank volume Litres 115
Max available pump head pressure Bar 2.84


No. of fans   1
Total nominal airflow m3/sec 1.81
Power absorbed (each) kW 0.48
External ambient °C 25

Electrical Data

Main electrical supply V/Ph./Hz 400/3/50
Maximum input power kW 5.73
Maximum inrush current A 10.22
Starting current A 49.78

Dimensional Data

Length mm 1310
Width mm 660
Height mm 1400
Operating weight mm 333

Free Space

Electrical panel side mm 1100
Opposite side of electrical panel mm 1000
Left side of electrical panel mm 1000
Right side of electrical panel mm 0

* 5kW unit pictured above.

* Trolly not included


While manufacturers often claim their units to be easy fit, DIY install etc. we like to warn all customers buying any split Air conditioning system, that none of them are easy to install, and if they are not connected well you can easily lose the refrigerant, at this stage an engineer is generally required to fix the problem or the machine may need to be re-gassed by the manufacturer. So while it is possible for a technical minded and capable handed individual to self-install a split air conditioner, it’s not easy nor recommended and is better done by a certified engineer when possible.

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Product Code: AdViroVent 13.6kW Climate Control – Chilled Water Split System
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