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The Dutch Pot is the most practical hydroponic system in its class. Two models are available:

  • The Hydro version is great for beginners and professionals.
  • The Aero version is the most effective system today. Definitely for professionals.

The Dutch Pot Systems are user-friendly, reliable, and inexpensive. They are extremely flexible too: Each pot is irrigated individually, allowing you to serve each plant as it needs.You can move each one of them any time, and rearrange your setting if required. You can transform a Hydro DP into an Aero DP in no time, and vice versa. You only need to buy the pump, the covers and the pots. That's all. This flexibility gives it the enormous advantage to be adaptable to seasonal conditions. During the hot days, you can work with a Hydro DP and Grorox to protect the roots. And switch into fast gear with the Aero DP as soon as temperatures start to cool off. They are expandable from a few pots (1m2 under one light) up to commercial installations of thousands.

AquaFarms(TM), WaterFarms(TM) and Controllers

The AquaFarm is the first unit of its kind. Since 1975, thousands of these remarkable units have been sold worldwide, bringing satisfaction to their owners and growing thousands of beautiful, healthy plants. Technically similar to the AquaFarm, the WaterFarm differs only in size and price.

Plants are grown within a chamber filled with clay pebbles. The growing chamber is suspended above a reservoir filled with nutrient-enriched water. An air pump drives the nutrient solution up through the "pumping column", to the drip-ring, where it then drips down through clay pebbles. This infuses the nutrient with oxygen and constantly bathes the roots, stimulating the plant to grow like you have never seen before.

These two systems provide top performance while being also reliable, easy to use and inexpensive. Will grow 1-10 plants per pot, depending on the size of your plants.

The controller is an important innovation for AquaFarm and WaterFarm growers.A series of these modules can be interconnected together with the Controller supplying nutrient and water automatically to all the units.

Manufactured with heavy duty, recycled plastics. Excellent reservoir capacity:

  • AquaFarm: 45 Litres
  • WaterFarm: 15 Litres
  • Controller: 45 Litres

The RainForest(TM)

This is our most powerful hydroponic module. It is designed to maximise the amount of oxygen available to plant roots. Used by the biggest research laboratories in the US, like Argonne National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory it has demonstrated the most dramatic growth rates and yields of any hydroponic system yet tested. The RainForest is the dream machine for Sea of Green. Starting with the healthiest root system possible, plants suffer no transplant stress, and flowers are larger, stronger, and more fragrant than ever.

Reservoir capacity: 90 Litres. 72 plant-sites.

For best results using our growing systems, place your units in an environment where the nutrient solution can be maintained below 24°C: it is important to keep the amount of dissolved oxygen in your solution to its maximum. Use proper ventilation, with temperature as close to 22°C as possible, and humidity level between 65 and 70%.


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