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Docs Supplied By HydroGarden: Digital CO2 Controller

The Compugas is the most innovative and versatile CO2 timer available today. The Compugas will allow precision control over the CO2 environment in the grow room without the necessity of expensive infrared dosing technology. It incorporates powerful and versatile software in conjunction with a "user friendly" plain language display with very wide range settings.

The easy to read, 2 line LCD shows instructions in plain English and walks the user through 5 simple steps to program the unit for CO2 injection and fan operation. In addition, it uses an advanced photocell that cuts off the flow of CO2 during darkness, while still allowing fan operation. Adjustable wall hanger and stand incorporated into the unit. Features AutoCalc which allows for automatic volume computation with measurements in both metric and imperial. Full instructions are provided with the unit.

The Compugas is a separate unit, a CO2 regulator will still be needed. Why not purchase a complete kit and save. Add a Prima Controller for added benefit.

What are the Benefits

The benefits of the Compugas are that the unit will allow the maximum range of settings with the minimum injection time. Allows you to maximise your CO2 by only injecting the CO2 required, thus no wastage. Set the programmes in as required and leave the Compugas to do the rest. The Compugas is relatively maintenance free, the user need only check that adequate CO2 is available. Using the Compugas means that there is no need for expensive infra red units as the chart supplied will demonstrate the injection time, giving an optimum level of CO2 in the growroom. Use in conjunction with CO2 release kit and / or the Prima Controller for extra benefit.


The Compugas is guaranteed against manufacturers defects to withstand normal use for a period of one year. Damage caused by misuse, abuse or failure to follow instructions is not covered. Should you experience any problems please contact the place of purchase for return authorisation and repair or replacement. A receipt must be produced to obtain any warranty repair work or a replacement.


Length 260mm / 9.75 inches
Width 44mm / 1.6 inches
Height 125mm / 5 inches
Weight 1400g / 2 lb 9oz
Fan Times 00 mins - 99 mins
Injection Times 00 min 00 sec - 99 min 59 sec
PPM settings 750-2000ppm
Max Room Volume 30m × 30m × 30m
(100 × 100 × 100 feet)
CO2 Flow 0.1-99l/minute
(1-88 cubic feet/minute)


New version includes, fibre optic control for location outside of the grow room. Point Of Sale material is available.


A few important features of the Digital CO2 Controller

  • innovative and versatile CO2 timer currently available
  • eliminates the need for expensive infra red dosing equipment
  • AutoCalc feature allows for automatic growroom computation
  • selectable metric / imperial measurements
  • utilises a fibre optic light sensor to de-activate CO2 injection during darkness
  • "user friendly" step by step programming
  • maximum range of settings
  • constructed from high-impact polyethylene materials
  • adjustable wall hanging or stand incorporated into the unit


CO2 is an asphyxiant, check CO2 levels before working in the growing area.


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