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Free UK Mainland Delivery on Orders £50 and Over

Delivery to UK Mainland is free for orders £50 and over, heavy or bulky items may incur a surcharge. We will not make any additional charges until the amount has been agreed with you via email or phone.

Orders under £50 to UK Mainland have a delivery fee of £10, heavy or bulky items may incur a surcharge. We will not make any additional charges until the amount has been agreed with you via email or phone.

You can also stipulate a specific day if this better suits your needs. Morning delivery subject to our agreement is £20. This service is slightly more temperamental and we cannot be held responsible if the courier fails to deliver on time. For £35, we can arrange for your goods to be delivered on Saturday; again subject to our agreement.

Other Areas / Countries

* Northern Ireland is £25, highlands £35, some remote areas will also be charged £35 which will be calculated at checkout once the full address has been entered.

A surcharge of 40% is added for international orders, this is just an estimate and may be more or less, we shall contact you via email to confirm if different.

Plain Packaging

Esoteric Hydroponics have been delivering horticultural equipment discretely since 1997, all items no matter how big or small are black wrapped with no indication of the contents.

How soon will my goods be sent?

Your goods will be sent within 24 hours of us receiving your cleared payment. Payment by cash, postal orders and bank transfer usually implies immediate dispatch. (Internet orders payed by credit card are subject to third party processing and approval.) Orders received by 2:00PM (14:00) are usually dispatched before the close of business at 5:30PM (17:30). Orders received on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are usually dispatched before the end of the next working day.

Once sent you will receive an email with your tracking number which can be looked up online with the provided link. If you created an online account with us you can also login and check the tracking number on our website.

All of our mail ordered and Internet ordered goods are sent via the most rapid courier delivery service available. For customers in the UK, this means next working day delivery. (Most courier companies exclude Saturday as a working day. The Esoteric Hydroponics shop and helpline are open as usual on Saturday.) Please note that the predator insects in our organic pest control product range are bred by a third party and will not survive delivery over a weekend, nor will they survive export. Predator insects can only be sent within the UK, mid-week. We are especially proud of our rapid service and had previously assumed that all of our competitors provided an equally responsive service.

Are all products held in stock?

The vast majority of our products are held in stock and you will be notified of any potential delay within 24 hours. All hydroponic systems are held in stock and the HydroPod system is constructed in-house, ensuring that we are never out of stock of our best selling items. All nutrients, growth accelerators, lamps, reflectors, ballasts and grow media are held in stock. Please note that we occasionally and unexpectedly receive large orders which can make the most organised stock control erratic, although we aim to minimise delay for all concerned. For example, we fulfilled an order for approximately 12 × 24 pod HydroPod systems within two days without disrupting any other customer orders. (Excellent work, Rosco.)

Note that interest in hydroponics is subject to moderate seasonal variation and that indoor gardening is subject to ambient temperature. It is not unheard of for our experienced and regular customers to order the same products when there is a large change in temperature. For example, we had previously experienced an unexpected shortage of CO2, although this is unlikely to happen again. If you would like to check the suitability of a product, or reserve items of stock, please telephone during working hours, or leave a message (with your contact information) on our telephone answering machine.

I live in USA / Mexico / Israel / Canada / Europe. Do you export to my country?

YES :) we sell to any country and we already have customers in Canada, USA, Russia, Europe and arid regions, such as Mexico, Israel and Australia. We now promote Esoteric Hydroponics extensively outside of the UK because of the unique product range that we carry. If you wish to purchase a hydroponic system, please note that they are quite heavy and therefore can be relativity expensive to export. Extra shipping costs are calculated in the shopping cart when you check out, a surcharge may be applicable on some items however we will email you to inform you of this if this is the case once you have checked out, if you do not agree to the surcharge we will refund your money straight away.

Also if is worth highlighting that the heaviest part of a HydroPod system is the expanded clay grow media, which is nearly as dense as water. A four pod HydroPod system requires 50 litres of clay (approximately 45kg of clay) and therefore if you can obtain your own clay, you may save money. You can now buy our hydroponics systems with and without clay to make the shipping cheaper.


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