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Cultipot 3.3L Filled Pot With Large Hole Cultilene
Cultilène is one of the world's leading substrate producers. They have a great reputation in the industry as a company that puts the grower first. This pre-filled pot is designed to be the final growing substrate to maturity. ..
Mapito - Rough Mix 80 Litre Bag Cultilene
Cultilene Mapito is a Stonewool substrate. Roots thrive in this mixture, which explains its popularity. It offers the grower a good air to water ratio and excellent nutrient retention. Mapito is a very good hydroponic grow media for GHE AquaFarm or/and WaterFarm systems. ..
10mm Mini Cubes 100 Litre Bag Cultilene
Cultilene Mini Cube is a cube - like loose substrate, made of StoneWool. Mini Cubes provide a perfect water buffer, with a very high water holding capacity. The water content in a pot of mini Cube is at a maximum of 85%. Not only are Mini Cube lightweight, they also provide large air-spaces, since there are always open spaces amongst the cubes. Mini Cube maintain their cubic shape throughout cultivation. Due to these features the substrate typically has an air-space volume of 30%, depending on the size and shape of the pot. This means that long irrigation cycles are possible without causing lack of oxygen to the roots. The dim..

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