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Docs Supplied By HydroGarden: CO2 Release Kit

The CO2 Release Kit is one of the best ways of injecting CO2 into an indoor growing environment. The CO2 release kit features a pressure gauge, which will gauge the amount of CO2 in the tank, a solenoid valve which will turn the unit on or off and a flow meter which determines the amount of CO2 released (set by the user).

The CO2 release kit will only act as the vessel to allow the physical release/injection of CO2 and nothing else. A timer will need to be purchased separately if required. It is a good idea to use a precision timer (such as the Compugas) in conjunction with a release kit as it will optimise CO2 levels and avoid any excess wastage of CO2.

The CO2 Release Kit comes ready assembled and all you will need to do is attach it to a suitable "vapour" release CO2 bottle. It is important that you ensure the removable fibre washer (on regulator stem) is fitted to the nut joining the gas bottle for a complete seal. The Release Kit will come complete with all instructions and ample CO2 tubing. Simply attach the tubing to the barbed fitting on the base of the regulator . Note that the barbed fitting is quite a lot smaller than the tubing. This is easily rectified by attaching a cable tie or ratchet clip around the tubing and fitting to give a tight fit.


The CO2 Release Kit is guaranteed against manufacturers defects and to withstand normal use for a period of one year. Damage caused by misuse, abuse or failure to follow instructions is not covered. Should you experience any problems please contact the point of purchase. A receipt must be produced to obtain any warranty repair work or a replacement.

Always use "Vapour" release carbon dioxide, liquid CO2 will damage the release kit and void the warranty. Note that the flow meter is in litres per minute The flow meter should always be mounted vertically.


Danger: CO2 is an asphyxiant in high concentrations.


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