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Stealth Series 2-5 Ton Air Conditioner by Excel Air Systems

Stealth Series 2-5 Ton Air Conditioner Excel Air Systems
Starting at £200.00

The Stealth Series Air Cooled Air Conditioning unit is Excel’s newest product. It’s all in the name; the Stealth Series is based on a Triple Split Design which allows for the compressor to be removed from the Outdoor Condensing Unit and placed in it’s own sound deadened box, eliminating all compressor noise from the outdoors! The unit also comes with Plug and Play fittings making installations quick and simple. Available in sizes ranging from 2.0 TON (24,000) to 5.0 TON (60,000 BTU).


Package Contents

  • Outdoor Condensing Unit
  • Indoor Air Handler
  • Sound Deadened Box
  • 40ft Pre-Charged Refrigerant Piping
  • Programmable Thermostat w/ Pre-Wired 15ft Control Wire
  • 40ft 18/2 Control Wire
  • PVC Drain Trap
  • Step By Step Manual & Wiring Diagrams

Key Benefits

  • Re-Sealable Plug and Play Fittings
  • All fittings are Brass (Rust Free)
  • Low Ambient Control on Outdoor Condenser
  • Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
  • Super Quiet Operation
  • Industries best support!
  • 5 yr compressor & 1 year part warranty.
Package Specs Dimensions Sealed Room
Ton BTU's AMPS Voltage Weight Air Handler Condenser # 1kW Lights
2.0 24,000 12.8 208/230V 300 18x22x46 24x24x28 6
3.0 36,000 18.7 208/230V 375 18x22x46 29x29x28 9
4.0 48,000 23.2 208/230V 500 25x22x57 29x29x30 12
5.0 60,000 33.7 208/230V 550 25x22x57 34x34x32 15

*Based on R12 insulated sealed room at 80F outdoor temperature, burning Co2.

Plug And Play

Plug and Play refrigeration fittings make air cooled units simple to install by yourself; without the need of a costly certified installer. Each refrigeration line is pre-charged with the correct amount of refrigerant for your system. Just thread the fittings together and startup your system! The fittings are re-sealable unlike the generic units on the market, meaning, if you need to take your system out for servicing or relocating your unit no refrigerant is lost and can be simply re-installed.

Recommended Add-ons

  • Top Plenum: Add a plenum to the top of the Air Handler to allow for easy ducting.
  • Fabric Duct: Lightweight, zero condensation, easy setup, extremely versatile.
  • Damper Control Package: Control two rooms with one system using automatic dampers.
  • UV Air Purifier: Mount inside Indoor Air Handler and kill harmful spores and bacteria in your room.
  • Condensate Pump: Pump condensation water from unit to drain source 20’ away and 15’ high.
  • Heater: Easily add-on 5-25kW Heater to inside Air Handler to maintain nighttime temperatures.
Brand: Excel Air Systems
Product Code: Stealth Series 2-5 Ton Air Conditioner
Availability: In Stock
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