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Kahn Fatman 28k (32-34 x 600w) by Kahn Climate Control

Kahn Fatman 28k (32-34 x 600w) Kahn Climate Control

Kahn Climate Control Systems provide accurate day and night temperatures in a sealed or non sealed environment. Just set your target temperatures and the Kahn System will work effortlessly to maintain them by providing heating or cooling as required. Inverter Technology slows down energy consumption as the target temperature is reached improving efficiency and removing 'peaks and troughs' from the temperature maintenance in the area. Kahn Systems are delivered pre charged and comes with a 3 meter chemically sealed flexible rubber hoses allowing fail safe installation by the user. Longer hose lengths are available on request.


Night and day cooling or heating
Cool up to 34 x 600w lights on single phase power supply
Inverter Technology ensures low amperage draw and accurate temperature maintenance
Silent running condenser. The ONLY noise is from the air passing through. Will not cause a nuisance to neighbours
Built in CO2 diffuser for head height CO2 distribution if using CO2 canisters
Integral Active Carbon Filters to keep air handler free from airborne contaminants
Plug and play - no engineers required
Supplied with fast fit rubber pipe with push fit connections
Supplied with standard Fabric Air- Distribution system attaches directly to airhandler

Model FM 28-6/4
  Cooling Heating
Rated Current 15.22A 15.69A
Max Current 18.23A 19.14A
Rated Power Input 33692W 3630W
Max Power Input 4375W 4595W
Rated Voltage 220 - 240V
Rated Frequency 50HZ
LRA of Compressor 52A
Noise 58dB(A)
Refrigerant/Charge Azeotropic
Air Volume 3750 m3/h
Electricity Supply 2.5mm Domestic ring main
Brand: Kahn Climate Control
Product Code: Kahn Fatman 28k (32-34 x 600w)
Availability: In Stock
Price: £7,999.00
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