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AdViroVent 7kW (23000BTU) Ducted 1 Phase Climate Control – Split AC by AdViroVent

AdViroVent 7kW (23000BTU) Ducted 1 Phase Climate Control – Split AC

A new range of easy fit Ducted Split AC Systems that actually handle the load they are claiming!

Available in compact wall mount versions for smaller applications of 3 to 12 lights, or the higher airflow ceiling ducted units can be available from a few lights  all the way up to 32 lights.
These units are not cheap knock off domestic comfort cooling units, they are robust and made with world leading components and they won’t breakdown and fail on you or underperform like so many cheap units being used in this industry are tending to do. Providing they are properly installed, they will work. The install is the most important thing to get right and is not the easy part, but if you’re a competent gardener and a bit technically minded, you will be more than capable of doing the job. However, if you have a trusted engineer at your disposal for the install, it’s worth it for peace of mind.

No corners have been cut here, these are legit commercial air conditioners, plain and simple. Install them well and they will perform more than well.

Specifications (Indoor Unit)

Cooling Capacity kW/BTU 7.25/23000
Air Flow Rate High/Low m3/min 18/15
Dimensions HxWxD 300x1000x700
Weight kg 34
Sound Pressure High/Low dBA 37/29
Sound Power dBA 57

Specifications (Outdoor Unit)

Dimensions HxWxD 770x900x320
Running Current A 8.46
Starting Current A 4
Max Fuse Size A 20
Interconnection Wiring Core/Cable Size 3+E/1.5
Piping Connections Liquid/Gas inches 3/8 5/8
Pipework Max Length m 50
Pipework Max Vertical Rise m 30
Pipework Precharger to m 30
Pipework Additional Charge g/m see manual
Pipework Holding Charge kg 2.75
Sound Pressure High dBA 49
Sound Power dBA 65


While manufacturers often claim their units to be easy fit, DIY install etc. we like to warn all customers buying any split Air conditioning system, that none of them are easy to install, and if they are not connected well you can easily lose the refrigerant, at this stage an engineer is generally required to fix the problem or the machine may need to be re-gassed by the manufacturer. So while it is possible for a technical minded and capable handed individual to self-install a split air conditioner, it’s not easy nor recommended and is better done by a certified engineer when possible.

Brand: AdViroVent
Product Code: AdViroVent 7kW (23000BTU) Ducted 1 Phase Climate Control
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