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Docs Supplied By HydroGarden: Clearing Solution

Clearing Solution is a special water treatment solution. It prepares herb and floral crops for harvesting and drying. Using Clearing Solution in the final stages of plant growth to ensure that all nutrients and residue are "cleared" from the plant.

How Does It Work?

Clearing Solution is scientifically formulated from natural minerals and plant extracts that assist a plant to clear out nutrients accumulated in a plant's roots and leaves. It substantially increases yields at the end of the crop by creating a root stress that drives energy stored in the plants roots upwards to the reproductive organs. Used as directed Clearing Solution enables the grower to have control over the final appearance of dried leaves and flowers. This is particularly useful with various herb crops where taste and texture is important. Those gardeners who grow their own tobacco will appreciate the improvement in "burnabiltiy" and taste. Clearing Solution can also be used to correct the effects of over fertilisation.

Use Clearing Solution for 1-2 days (overnight) to reduce and flush old nutrients from your growing medium and restore roots back to a healthy feeding pattern. Clearing solution is not a plant food, so drain and refill reservoir with fresh nutrients after use.


In hydroponic applications, the nutrient is drained from the reservoir and replaced with water treated with Clearing Solution. While the instructions on the label indicate you should use Clearing Solution 2-3 days before harvest, experience has shown that using Clearing Solution for up to two weeks can substantially increase both yields and weights (dependent on nutrient).

Drain your nutrient reservoir and refill with fresh water. Add 5mls of Clearing Solution for every litre of water in your reservoir. Mix well and adjust pH to suit your system.


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