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600W Digital Ballast Century
The 600w dimmable ballast is perfect for different colour temperatures and light outputs as the ballast can work its way from 50% - 75% - 100% and to top it all an extra 10% lamp lumens which then reaches 110%. Both MBI and HPS can be used for this Digital Ballast but will not strike Mercury Lamps or pulse strike Metal Halide Lamps. Digital Ballasts are very simple, the digital sun changes your output at a turn of a dial. The Digital dimmable is worked by a dial at the side of the ballast. It works from 50% - 75% - 100% and to 110%. 50 % - Half of normal operating output 75 % - 75% of normal operating output 100% - Normal Op..
Premier Corona HPS Grow Light Kits Century
The Century Premier Corona kits are designed and manufactured in the UK with value in mind and therefore is a top quality but affordable option, when a complete lighting kit is required. Dutch Hammertone Reflector 5m IEC Lead Standard. (8m Lead available on request) Timed Ignitor Plug & Play IEC Lead 25 year Guarantee on Ballast only Venture Branded Lamps and Control Gear Boxed all in one. ..

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