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C-NO Insects 2.0 C-Result
C-No Insects is a novel method for control of spider mites, thrips and fungus gnats. The non-toxic natural product creates a static field that disrupts every part of the insect’s life cycle. The plant will be clear of infestation within 72 hours of application. 100% natural and multi-functional Completely natural and not harmful to the environment, C-No Insects is also multi-functional as the product is also effective at eliminating fungi, bacteria and viruses. C-No insects is also ready to use as a foliar spray which is 100% effective. Effective for two weeks Another great feature of C-No Insects is that once used, it i..
C-Hellfire C-Result
C-Hellfire is a natural disinfectant spray that keeps insects (kills spider mites, thrips, fungus gnats, white flies and their eggs), mold and viruses away using encapsulated alcohol in sunflower oil emulsifier. C-Hellfire cleans and disinfects your leaves, flowers, stems, substrates (coco / soil / pebbles / rock wool) and grow room from all negative influences. After spraying your crop will be protected for 3 weeks.   Instructions: Fill your C-Hellfire bottle with water. Shake your C-Hellfire bottle well before use for 30 seconds. Fill your spray tank with C-Hellfire and start spraying. Spray your plants..
C-No-Insects C-Result
C-No Insects kills spider mites, thrips and gnats by creating a static field which shockes the insects, larvae and eggs within 72 hours. C-No Insects also eliminates fungi, bad bacteria and viruses. C-No Insects is a ready to use foliar spray which is 100 % effective. Spray the whole plant: make sure you'll spray on top and on the bottom of your leaves. You can also spray the flowers up untill 2 weeks before harvest. C-No Insects is 100% Organic and Natural. C-No Insects is not harmfull for humans or the enviroment. Insects can not become resistant to C-No Insects. C-No Insects available in 1,5,10 and 20 litres bottles. Dir..
C-Result Nutrient Intake Enhancer C-Result
Enhance Nutrient Intake with C-Result for All Grow Systems and Media C-RESULT ™ ensures that the plant absorbs 80-90% of all fertilizers during the flowering phase. Without C-RESULT ™ this is 55-65%. This increased intake provides a larger and qualitative yield (at least 20%). C-RESULT ™ brings all fertilizers to the roots through a patented formula. Your plant will now go through the flowering phase without any problems and will not be short of anything. C-RESULT ™ only needs to be given once in the beginning of the fruit or flower formation (week 1 - week 2 flowering). C-RESULT ™ is 100% organic and 100% natural. C-RE..

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