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Docs Supplied By GrowthTech: Bright Star Mark 2

Congratulations on purchasing BrightStar Mk 2 lighting ballast. This is a well designed product and should give years of trouble free operation. Your ballast has an unconditional TWO YEAR guarantee. In the unlikely event of a fault developing please return to your retailer with proof of purchase for repair or replacement.

BrightStar may be somewhat noisy when you first start it. Do not be alarmed by this. This noise will subside over the first hour or so of operation and ballast will operate very quietly thereafter.

It is extremely important that you do not run your ballast unless it is connected to a reflector with a lamp fitted. Failure to ensure this can cause serious damage to your unit.

BrightStar Ballast with SuperNova Shine or Galaxy Reflector or CoolShade

If you have bought your BrightStar ballast together with a SuperNova or any other Growth Technology reflector , then it will be a simple matter to set it up. These are genuine horticultural reflectors and they come fully wired with IEC line fittings to connect easily to BrightStar.

  1. Hang reflector in the chosen location. Find a suitable place for the ballast. It should be placed on a shelf or it can be wall mounted. It should not be placed on the floor where it can be affected by water.
  2. Make sure that lamp wattage matches ballast wattage. Screw lamp into reflector. Make sure lamp is tightly screwed in. Wipe Lamp with a soft cloth after handling it.
  3. Plug reflector into ballast. Make sure that the IEC plug is firmly located in the female socket. Plug ballast into mains outlet. Switch on at mains.

If your light does not come on after a minute or two switch off. Unplug from mains then check all connections. Check that lamp is screwed in tightly. Plug in and try again.

BrightStar with other reflectors

Your reflector should have a lamp holder and cord attached. If so it will be a simple matter to fit a male IEC line plug.

  1. Strip the insulation off the end of the cable and install a male IEC line plug. These are available from any electrical dealers. Be sure to carefully follow the colour code and remember:

    Brown is Active ("+"), Blue is Neutral ("-") and Earth is Green/Yellow.

  2. Ensure that the lamp you put into the reflector is compatible with your ballast. Check the wattage. Screw lamp in tightly and plug in ballast. Switch on.
  3. If your light does not come on, switch off, unplug from mains, check all connections and tighten the lamp a little more. Switch on again.

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