Bluelab IntelliDose Controller Kit by Bluelab

Bluelab IntelliDose Controller Kit by Bluelab


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Bluelab IntelliLink

Bluelab IntelliLink

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Intelligent Control

  • Doses up to 9 nutrients, additives and pH
  • Four (24 VDC) outputs available for irrigation if not used for nutrients.
  • Controls all growing methods - NFT, DFT/DWC, soil, media, drip, and aeroponics.
  • Proportional dosing rapidly adjusts between irrigations.
  • Sequential pump control allows each additive time to mix.
  • Displays EC, CF, TDS, ˚C, ˚F, pH
  • Set different Conductivity (EC) for day and night.
  • Water level control – to lower EC.
  • Adjustable alarms and dosing lockouts prevent overdosing or running dry.
  • Control 120 / 240 VAC pumps, heaters and chillers on a timer, when connected to a Bluelab Power Relay.

When connected to Edenic*

  • Instant alarm alerts to your phone.
  • Remote monitoring and control.
  • History reporting to assist data-driven decision-making.

    *Requires Bluelab IntelliLink and internet access

Grower approved for over 30 years

Bluelab IntelliDose is trusted by growers worldwide to automate nutrient dosing and plant irrigation. As a purpose-built fertigation controller, IntelliDose provides accurate and reliable pH and conductivity monitoring and dosing. Whether you use NFT (nutrient film technique), deep water culture or a batch dosing system, IntelliDose can be adjusted to suit, ensuring you feed your plants right, every time.

When connected to external pumps, IntelliDose activates pH adjuster (up or down). Use up to a nine-part nutrient mix or up to five-part blends with the remaining four outputs configured as irrigation stations. Access IntelliDose data, trigger irrigation events or change dosing levels from anywhere via your mobile device when connected to a Bluelab IntelliLink (sold separately) and Edenic cloud-based software.

Intelligent control

Automate your dosing and irrigation. Capable of dosing up to a 9-part blend (nutrients, additives and pH Adjuster) while maintaining your preset EC and pH settings. Or run up to 4 irrigation lines with a 5-part blend.

The Bluelab IntelliDose Controller sets the industry standard for automatic nutrient dosing, allowing you to dose up to a 9-part blend (nutrients, additives, pH adjuster) while maintaining your preset EC and pH settings. Automatically manage your nutrient and pH levels, set remote alarms and data-log your progress with one simple controller. Achieve better results with a nutrient dosing system.

Compatible with Edenic by Bluelab app via IntelliLink. Remote monitoring and control, history reporting, and instant alarm notifications in one easy-to-use app. Manage your growing environment from where you'd like, when you like.

  • Ease of use - The large, interactive screen allows you to easily maneuver between calibrating, set points, alarms, and configuration. If you can program a number into a cell phone, you can program your Bluelab IntelliDose Controller.
  • Run up to 4 irrigation stations - The Bluelab IntelliDose Controller can run up to 4 irrigation stations, allowing different areas of your grow space to be watered on different schedules. Use one reservoir or have a pump feed each station at different times. You can also set your system to only irrigate during the daytime.
  • Peristaltic pumps - Peristaltic pumps allow you to have all of your nutrient stock tanks on the ground, allowing for much larger quantities of pre-mixed solutions. This lowers the chance of leaks and spills and will cut down on your labor. Peristaltic pumps are available in sizes 120 ml/min to 1400 ml/min.
  • Works with any nutrient line - Any nutrient line can be used with the IntelliDose ⁠— liquid or powder. Simply determine your proper dilution ratios (don’t worry, we can help) and the Bluelab IntelliDose Controller will keep the reservoir at your perfect recipe 24/7.

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