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Docs Supplied By HydroGarden: Blossom Blood

Blossom Blood is a very unusual product that expands flowers in seed crops. Blossom Blood expands the actual flower creating "space" for protective resin drops to form within the flowers. This process "fluffs" up the yield and allows the drying process to take place faster. It also reduces the risk of moulds/fungi growing within the flower due to excess humidity or damp storage. The most important aspect of the product is that a little is good, less is better. If you use too much you will wish you had not. When growers start using Blossom Blood it is important to use less than the recommended amount.

When To Use It

Do not use during vegetative growth stages. Use when the flower buds are definitely developing (in the expansion stage) and the grower is sure that the plant is well into the reproductive stage. If it is used too early it will not be as effective and can delay flowering (in some varieties it can create some interesting vegetative growth).

Most growers will use it once, however depending on the variety of the plant, growers may find benefit by using it every time you change your nutrient.


We recommend 0.25 gram (which is one quarter of the amount indicated on instructions) and stir it into your reservoir. For large reservoirs, pre-mix the amount with some water prior to adding to the reservoir.


Add Blossom Blood directly to your reservoir when flower buds appear well established. Repeat once more in 2 weeks or next nutrient change. For every 10 litres of growing solution in your reservoir mix in 1 gram of Blossom Blood. Mix it in well.


Dissolve 1 gram into 20 litres of water. Water with 1/2 litre per plant when the flower buds are established. Repeat once more in two weeks.


  • Do not use a foliar spray
  • Do not add to make up water
  • Always use fresh

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