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Centro Inline Fans Blauberg Ventilation
All Centro fans feature high impact ABS aerodynamically shaped case and high quality ball bearing. These fans come with a 5 year warranty, thermal protection with auto restart and a smooth running dynamically balanced turbine. Due to compact design the fan is the ideal solution for mounting in limited spaces. Any mounting position. Built-in smooth speed controller from 0 to 100%. The fan is supplied with a pre-wired power cable with IEC plug as a standard. Impact- and corrosion-resistant ABS plastic casing. Aerodynamically shaped casing. Single-phase external rotor motor with a centrifugal impeller with backward curv..
Turbo Inline Fans Blauberg Ventilation
All Turbo fans feature high impact ABS aerodynamically shaped cases with quality ball bearings (5 year warranty) thermal protection with auto restart and a very smooth dynamically balanced turbine. 2 Speed Casing made of low-flammable polypropylene. Ventilation unit with terminal box. Can be turned to any position. Special casing design permits easy dismantling of the impeller and motor block for fan servicing without dismantling the air duct. Double-speed single-phase motor on ball bearings. Equipped with thermal overload protection. ..
Iso-Mix Acoustic Insulated Inline Fans Blauberg Ventilation
German made in-line sound insulated duct fan. Features include Polymer coated steel case which is internally filled with 50mm mineral wool. The special inner perforated casing and thermal sound insulated layer are designed for a wide range of frequencies. The specially profiled impeller provides high performance and powerful pressure combined with low noise operation. Double speed motor and quality bearings offer quiet smooth operation. Built in overheating thermal protection.     The casing is made of polymer-coated steel, internally filled with 50 mm mineral wool thermal- and sound-insulating layer. Special..

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