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Docs Supplied By HydroGarden: Bio-Zone Flood And Drain Trays

Bio-Zone Trays are designed to address a wide range of problems common in flood and drain systems. The Bio-Zone creates new options for growers looking for simple to operate, highly productive growing systems. The Bio-Zone are the latest and greatest plastic trays designed specifically for hydroponic growing. The Bio-Zone can be adapted to many different growing systems but is ideal for flood and drain. Use in conjunction with the height adjustable flood and drain fittings for increased flexibility. The 2 × 4 tray has a plastic propagating dome which can be used as a propagator or cloning unit.

How Does It Work?

There are many factors contributing to the overall success of Bio-Zone. Among them is the height of the trays and the deeper channels which allow for better drainage and root aeration plus the fact that the trays are made from UV stabilised ABS plastic which makes the trays twice as thick as most. The Bio-Zone, when used as flood and drain, fulfil the principals beautifully. The "flood" will expel stale air from around the roots while the "drain" draws down fresh oxygen enriched air.

What Are The Benefits?

By using Bio-Zone the benefits are quickly seen. The height of the trays allows the flush of most containers and media systems. Many shorter trays only allow for irrigation which growers will know results in salt build up in the media and particularly in the top 1/3 where the salt damages the crown and provides a disease initiation point.

Deeper drain channels in the bottom of Bio-Zone ensure that even if the drain is slightly raised the containers and media are not sitting in solution between irrigation cycles. The centre channel is slightly large to enhance flow cycles. The deeper channels also allow for heating cables to be used making it possible to control root zone temperatures better. The deeper channels are also in an ideal location for the installation of root zone aeration. High oxygen levels reduce disease onset and disperse root effluent gases very quickly. The Bio-Zone trays are flexible, they can easily be used as a propagator for germinating seeds or rooting cuttings, a continuous flow, aeroponic or even floating raft system. The trays design allows for inexpensive construction of stands


  • 2' × 4' tray (24" × 48") (61 × 122cm), 6" / 15cm deep
  • 4' × 4' tray (48" × 48") (122 × 122cm), 6" / 15cm deep
  • 8' × 4' tray (48" × 96") (122 × 244cm), 6" / 15cm deep

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