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AC-2 Basic Digital Atmosphere / CO2 Controller Superpro
AC-2 controls temperature, humidity and CO2 by using precision sensors that monitor air temperature, humidity and light as well as timing CO2 generation. AC-2 then uses this information to activate external fans, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, heaters and CO2 equipment as needed to maintain optimum levels for indoor agriculture. Adaptable If the CO2 output is not being used as a CO2 timer, this can be used as a standard daytime recycling timer, for instance a feed pump. How is this different to the AC-1 Controller?  • Timed CO2...
Mini Grower - Complete Controller GSE
The Mini Grower is a complete controller for indoor growing systems with an artificial lighting. It defines the lighting interval for 9X600W lights, defines the watering interval by the GSE Water timer and regulates the climate by the GSE Temperature and negative pressure fan controller. All connections are wired to plugs with flap lid and can be controlled over a main switch integrate safety breaker 3x16A. - Case: WxHxD = 200x430x95mm - Connection 3 pole 16A with connector CEE16 - Volt: 230V / 50Hz Front mounted: - Main switch 3x16A - 24h...
IntelliClimate Autogrow
The IntelliClimate is the ideal climate controller for all sizes of grow chamber.  It controls temperature, humidity, lights and CO2 in a unified way to obtain the best possible growing climate. It does all this whilst minimising wastage of CO2 and electricity.          A standard feature of the IntelliClimate is the USB connection to a PC.  This provides a new level of user friendliness and allows the grower to easily view and change settings, view readings and look back to see what growing...
AC-1 Analogue Atmosphere / CO2 Controller Superpro
AC-1 is a simple solution to controlling temperature, humidity and CO2 inside the growing area, giving you a perfect balance between cost and accuracy. AC-1 contains a built-in photocell that can activate a CO2 device during the day and is coordinated with the exhaust fans so as CO2 stops emitting when fans come on. Note: CO2 levels must be measured and regulated by user. Modes Mode A: LOWER temperature and DECREASE humidity independently. Thermostat activates cooling output/humidistat activates dehumidifier output. Example use: for users...
CO2 Easi Controller Harvest Master
The Harvest Master range of climate controllers make life easier and safer. They give you more control over pretty much every aspect of your grow room and as a result, you can expect to increase your yields. CO2 EASi' Controller (with CO2 Sensing) Operating the CO2 Easi is simple, the CO2 EASi is an intelligent control system that takes care of CO2 and at the same time is an intelligent Temperature Controller when the COOL KIT is attached. Light ON periods (Day): The controller will try to maintain the pre-defined max. CO2 PPM for the...
Climate Controller Harvest Master
With 8 Outputs the Harvest Master Climate Controller is capable of many things. The Climate Controller from Harvest Master takes the guesswork out of growing your plants and turning them into a crop. With the Harvest Master Climate you simply plug the machine in and it automatically checks what you have connected and how it works.  You hardly need to open the manual. the system is capable of learning pretty much everything, and keep on learning. This ability to learn covers: The atmosphere Temperature Humidity Climate...
PRO Controller with CO2 Harvest Master
With 8 Outputs the Harvest Master PRO Controller is comes with the same specification as the the Climate model, but includes the ability to monitor CO2, like the Climate, the PRO is capable of many things. Climate 'Pro' Controller (with CO2 Sensing) Do everything the 'Climate' Controller does AND monitor and control the feeding of CO2 to your plants for massive growth, massive cropping, fast. Potency in your crop Organics with flavour, power and production Maximum flower/fruit creation. Automated climate control CO2 dispensing Day...
DDAC-1 Deluxe Digital Atmosphere / CO2 Controller Superpro
The DDAC-1 receives information from the sensors and activates external fans, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, heaters, and CO2 equipment as needed to maintain optimum levels for indoor agriculture. Until now, this simple idea was easier said than done. A 15-amp / 120 or 10-amp / 240 vot circuit breaker and heavy-duty internal construction ensures that the unit will operate for years without fail. We only use high-quality UL / CE listed components. The DDAC-1 features a remote sensor assembly that measures temperature, humidity, CO2 PPM, and...
PRO PLUS Controller Harvest Master
The Harvest Master CLIMATE PLUS Controller will do everything the 'Climate' Controller does PLUS an 8 extra outputs to control up to 8 additional actions of your choice. That's a total of 16 RCA Control Points!  Just plug it in and it'll check what you have connected and how it works. You hardly need to open the manual. It'll learn about pretty much everything, and keep on learning about: Atmosphere Temperature Humidity Climate changes .…minute by minute, day after day! The Harvest Master Climate PLUS will grow plants, bigger...
Dimlux Maxi Controller OptiClimate
The Maxi Controller can adjust the output according to the ambient temperature: the lamps are dimmed automatically when the temperature exceeds a maximum pre-defined level. Using the DimLux with a Maxi Controller enables you to plug the DimLux directly into a wall socket without needing an intervening relay, time delay unit or time switch – which saves you costs. A DimLux controlled by a Maxi Controller is the only (digital) ballast that does not need to use an inrush current. Inrush currents of conventional (digital)ballasts vary between...
PRO PLUS Controller Including CO2 Harvest Master
The Climate 'PRO PLUS' 16-Output Controller with CO2 Sensing is the ultimate controller from Harvest Master, take full control of your grow room inc. CO2 and Light Systems The PRO PLUS does the same as the 'Pro' Climate Controller but can also control other elements of your system. If you are an enthusiast or a professional that needs to do more, then you may need the Harvest Master PRO PLUS. Featuring 8 extra outputs for more actions (can be triggered by 8 inputs) It is so easy to use, control your: Nutrients PH dispensers Nutrient...
Harvest Master Accessories & Spare Parts Harvest Master
Harvest Master Quad and Tri Band Text Me GSM Modem The Harvest Master GSM 'Text Me' Modem gives you instant text message updates, direct to your phone. Simply connect the Modem to any of the PLUS controllers and fully utilise the additional 8 in/outputs these controllers provide. The Text Me GSM Modem will send 'status' updates, to get an update from your Harvest-Master controller from anywhere! You can trigger the updates by texting the unit with your requirments. Turn the extra 8 outputs on your PRO or PRO PLUS model ON or OFF by...
Plant Temperature Camera for Opticlimate Dimlux Maxi Controller OptiClimate
An OptiClimate canopy temperature camera can be connected to the system to monitor evaporation from the crop: an excessive canopy temperature is indicative of problems with the plants' evaporation capacity (for example, due too little water or excessive light). If the canopy temperature rises to an excessive level then the DimLux ballasts are dimmed or switched off until the temperature falls to an acceptable level: failure to lower an excessive canopy temperature would result in the plants reducing their evaporation capacity by closing the...