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Fans & Filters






Ventilation is an extremely important factor when setting up an indoor grow room. Your extractor fan and carbon filter need to be matched and of a large enough volume to extract all of the air and heat from your room in a continuous fashion. An intake fan is also a good idea when running multiple lights; you should size your intake fan, if you are using one, to be slightly less powerful than your extractor fan to maintain a negative pressure in the grow space. There are many types of fans and filters available on the market - do not buy cheap ones; they are notorious for burning out and clogging up prematurely, and we don’t want that! As far as sizing your fan goes, we recommend a fan capable of moving 400 cubic meters per hour for every 600 watt HID light. This will allow for maintaining a healthy temperature for your plants and it will keep swapping the room with fresh outside air, rich with CO2 for your plants to photosynthesise the light they are receiving. We do offer a unique swap over service and will provide knowledgeable technical support to all of our customers. If you size anything wrong or find it's too much or not enough power, we will take it back and credit the original cost back to you against the cost of what you need instead, and this applies to almost anything we sell. It is always best to call us when in doubt - we are here to help you.

Having a good healthy growing environment for your plants is of paramount importance. At Esoteric Hydroponics, we can offer advice on all ventilation and environmental control requirements. Visit our shop or contact us.