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Alguamycor Guano Diffusion Bloom
Alguamycor guano-diffusion
ALGUAMYCOR® is a powerful root booster that is based on the biological effectiveness of the mycorrhizal symbiosis between a fungus and your plant. During transplantation, simply mix the powder ALGUAMYCOR ® into your soil, up to 10 grams per litre of substrate. (100 gr for 10 L). The result is undoubtedly: a root system up to 7 times more effective.User Guide:Mix 10g of Alguamycor per litre of light substance from the first depositing, and at each transplant. Alugamycor complies with vine, fruit farming, vegetable crop, ornamental...
Guano Diffusion Bloom guano-diffusion
Flowering Fertiliser – Great Organoleptic Quality, High YieldsSpecial Flowering/Fructification: naturally rich in phosphorus, potassium, trace elements and amino acids, Guano Diffusion Bloom NPK 3-6-10 is sourced from a 100% organic origin which provides all the essential nutrients needed for an explosive flowering/fruiting. Sugars and carbohydrates found in Guanodiff Bloom act directly in the process of the sugar formation of your plants. Harnessing all the properties of bat guano, Guanodiff Bloom increases crop productivity and...

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