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Oxy-Cal 500g MM 2000 1 Litre VitaMax Vitamax Plus Vegetative Growth Booster SOLO-TEK Grow SOLO-TEK Bloom Rootmax 250g Pro-Silicate LXR Black
Rootmax 250g Grotek
Used to enhance and encourage the rooting of plant cuttingsA thick liquid gel, Rootmax™ contains a compound which accelerates the rooting process of plant cuttings. It contains 0.3% I.B.A. suspended in a cellulose gel. Rootmax is registered under the Canadian Fertilizer Act as a root stimulant. Be sure to refrigerate after opening and avoid contaminating the bottle with foreign material such as soil or plant residues.Instructions:Do not mix. Dip your cuttings to desired rooting depth (do not dip into jar). Coat the bottom of the...
Monster Grow Grotek
Monster Grow™ provides nutrition for plants during peak times of vegetative growth. These nutrients support vigorous growth and added calcium and magnesium guard against nutrient deficiencies. Used at half strength, this formula can be used for newly rooted cutting or at recommended strength for ensuring efficient growth prior to entering the flowering stage.Directions for use:Use 12 g of Monster Grow for every 19 L (2 tsp/5 gal) of liquid in your nutrient solution. Use Monster Grow to produce green vegetative growth.
Monster Bloom Grotek
A classic bloom enhancer, Monster Bloom™ has gained a reputation for its ability to assist plants during the middle stages of flower development. The high concentration of phosphorous encourages blooming and plays a vital role in plant metabolism. The potassium in the formula improves bloom and fruit quality while impacting photosynthesis, assisting starch production within the plant.Monster Bloom is very concentrated and should be phased out prior to the last two weeks of flowering. This will ensure the plant has the opportunity to...
MM 2000 1 Litre Grotek
Foliar & Root ApplicationsGrotek MM 2000 (0-0-1) is an organic-based, biodegradable and non-toxic stress relieving supplement designed to promote and maintain better plant growth.Its major constituents are beneficial plant nutrients, amino acids, plant extracts and essential oils, which help plants in maintaining vigorous plant growth. Plant derived amino acids provide instant energy that can support the plant to come out of any stress.DirectionsApply either as a foliar application or through nutrient solution.Root...
Vegetative Growth Booster Grotek
Vigorous Vegetative GrowthNPK: 8-39-0Formulated to encourage early and vigorous growth, Vegetative Growth Booster™ is an excellent supplement for growing plants. High nitrogen supports green growth while phosphorous supports photosynthetic energy production. The phosphorous also works to increase the metabolism of carbohydrates and aid in root development. Vegetative Growth Booster is designed to be a one-time application product prior to the onset of flower development.Directions for use:Hydroponics:For every 10 L (2.5...
Vitamax Plus Grotek
Helps produce abundant fruit and flowersNPK: 1-1-2Vitamax Plus™ is specially formulated to improve plant growth, encourage blooming and assist floral and fruit development. It contains macronutrients and added magnesium to aid in the formation of chlorophyll and other essential plant compounds.Always use Vitamax Plus as a part of your regular fertilizer program. Use with every watering up until the last 10 days of crop growth and then discontinue use. Be sure to soak the soil or media completely when using the Vitamax Plus...
VitaMax Grotek
Plant food for vigorous growthNPK: 1-1-2VitaMax™ is specially formulated to improve plant growth and its nutrients will encourage blooming while assisting floral and fruit development. It contains macronutrients and added magnesium to aid in the formation of chlorophyll, and other essential plant compounds. Always use VitaMax as a part of your regular fertilizer program. Use with every watering up until the last 10 days of crop growth and then discontinue use. Be sure to soak the soil or media completely when using the VitaMax...
SOLO-TEK Grow Grotek
Nutrient SolutionNPK: 6-3-7SOLO-TEK™ Grow is a unique one part blended product for use during the vegetative growing stage. The formula provides all primary nutrients and other essential nutrients. The formula also contains organic compounds such as kelp for additional plant benefits. This concentrated product is great for vegetable and flower gardens, containers, shrubs and trees, houseplants and exotics.  Directions for use:SHAKE WELL before using. Use SOLO-TEK Grow from the seedling to pre-flower...
SOLO-TEK Bloom Grotek
Nutrient SolutionNPK: 3-8-8Solo-Tek™ Bloom is a unique one part blended product for use during the floral development stage. The formula provides all primary nutrients and other essential nutrients. The formula also contains organic compounds such as kelp for additional plant benefits. This concentrated product is great for vegetable and flower gardens, containers, shrubs and trees, houseplants and exotics.Directions for use:SHAKE WELL before using. Start to use Solo-Tek Bloom 7-10 days prior to blooming.Flower/vegetable...
Black Pearl 1.5kg Grotek
Grotek is proud to add Black Pearl™ to our product line up. This organic product is a blended powder that aims to build soil by replenishing nutrients. Black Pearl contains Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium to support vegetative growth, larger root systems, vigorous blooming and increased drought tolerance. This product also includes the benefits of a technical grade soluble kelp extract. Black Pearl is high in organic matter, most of which comes from charcoal based carbon, a long lasting soil builder. This product should be premixed in...
Bud Fuel Grotek
Bud Fuel™ is a flowering supplement designed to be used with your regular fertilizer program. The main component in Bud Fuel is potassium which comes from different sources. Potassium is required to help plants produce stronger stems and is essential in transporting sugars produced by photosynthesis. Use on all indoor and outdoor flowers, fruits, and vegetables.Directions for use:SHAKE WELL before using. Begin adding Bud Fuel 7-10 days prior to flower development to encourage a flowering response. Continue to use throughout...
Cal-Max Grotek
Provides added calcium, magnesium and ironNPK: 2-0-0During periods of high temperatures and accelerated growth, plants can develop preventable nutrient deficiencies. Cal-Max was developed to provide the additional calcium, magnesium and iron needed to support peak production. Cal-Max can be used to treat problems when they surface and it can also be used as a preventative supplement to your nutrient program to avoid deficiencies such as tip burn in lettuce and blossom end rot in tomatoes.Directions for use:SHAKE WELL before...
Carbo-Max Grotek
The Energy SourceDuring photosynthesis plants naturally produce their own energy source in the form of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are used to drive many important functions within a plant. These functions can make the production of energy a limiting factor within plants. Carbo-Max™ is a source of simple sugars that are water soluble and can be accessed by plants to use in their development.Directions for Use:Mix 100g of Carbo-Max into 380L (3.5oz/83gal) of water. Use throughout the blooming cycle. Reapply each time the water is...
Final Flush Grotek
Fertilizer rinse solutionSalinity can become a serious issue for those gardeners growing in containers and recirculation systems. Salt build up can cause problems for growing plants and can cause bitterness in harvested fruit. Final Flush™ is a flushing agent designed to correct over feeding issues during crop production while eliminating excess salts from the medium during the final stages of plant growth.Along with Regular, Strawberry and Pina Colada, Grotek is now proud to release Blueberry.Directions for use:SHAKE WELL...
GrowthMax Grotek
Natural fertilizer from the seaNPK: 0.3-0.3-4Kelp has been utilized within agriculture for centuries. GrowthMax™ is a soluble kelp complex derived from a potassium hydroxide extraction process. This refined kelp product provides ocean based compounds that can benefit our plants and soils. Containing nutrients including potassium, this formula can be used as a root drench or as a foliar spray application to bring the ocean into your garden.General Directions:Shake well before using. The best time to apply is early or late in...
Heavy Bud Grotek
Increases weight and densityNPK: 0-1-2Heavy Bud™ is a complex blend of plant essentials designed to provide nutrition and energy to plants during the key stages in flower and fruit development. The nutrients in this formula play an irreplaceable part in the activation of enzymes systems fundamental to the production of proteins, sugars and the management of plant energy and water balance within the plant. The nutrients provided by Heavy Bud ensure early plant growth, good plant turgor and a more uniform crop maturity. Use this...
Insta-Green Grotek
Restores the green to plantsNPK: 3-0-0Insta-Green™ is designed to help growers when a nitrogen boost is required for their plants. The formula can help reduce yellowing and restore lush green colour to cuttings, seedlings or plants that are showing signs of underfeeding. Use the product until vigour has returned to the plants or as a preventative application. The product is best used as a foliar spray to take full advantage of the additional iron in the formula.Directions for use:SHAKE WELL before using. Use as a spray mist...
Kick Start Grotek
Early Growth SolutionNPK: 1-2-1Kick Start™ is a specially designed liquid nutrient that helps to promote vigorous growth during the early stages of plant development. Kick Start is a low ratio feed; its mild concentration allows for optimal new plant development. Use on new cuttings and recent transplants or before plants are mature enough to handle stronger nutrients. Kick Start can also be used effectively with coco or peat pellets to charge the medium prior to seeding or placing cuttings.Directions for use:SHAKE WELL...
LXR Black Grotek
NPK: 0-0-1LXR Black™ contains potassium which facilitates cell division/growth, improves the quality of fruit crops and activates enzymes to metabolize carbohydrates. Potassium also helps the plant withstand drought by regulating the opening and closing of stomatas and adding to stalk and stem stiffness.Directions for use:SHAKE WELL before using.Hydroponics & Soil/Soilless Applications:Add 5 ml of LXR Black per 1 L (1 tsp/1 qt) or 100 ml of LXR Black per 20 L (7 tbsp/5 gal) of nutrient solution in your feed tank...
Pro-Silicate Grotek
Provides additional silicon and potashNPK: 0-0-3Potassium is an essential element to forming plant structure. Pro-Silicate™ is a potassium silicate solution which can provide potassium as an essential plant element. This product can also provide a means of elevated pH with its alkalinity. It is best to add this product prior to adding nutrients in your reservoir, or, pre-dilute it prior to application if it will be mixed in after nutrients. Pro-Silicate can also be used to modify the pH in a foliar spray.Directions for...
Blossom Blaster Grotek
Blooming and Fruiting Formula Grotek Blossom Blaster is a powerful blend of phosphorous and potassium fertilizers designed to increase the number and size of blooms. It contains a very high concentration of phosphorus and potassium which contribute to proper plant maturation, fruit quality and the formation of sugars, starches and oils. Because Blossom Blaster is such a powerful flowering supplement, it only needs to be added twice during the first 3 weeks of flowering.Be sure to add a fresh nutrient solution. Blossom Blaster is effective...
Oxy-Cal 500g Grotek
Powdered Oxygen. Grotek Oxy-Cal is a time-released supply of calcium and oxygen for the soil. Oxygen is a life-line for all living organisms and is required by all plants throughout their life cycle for optimum growth.Oxy-Cal increases the microbial activity to provide a strong, disease-resistant growth medium. This enables the plants to better absorb and use the available nutrients and water.Directions for useMix thoroughly with soil at the following rates:Gardens – Use 250 ml (8.75 oz.) per 100 sq. ft. or 20 kg per...

Grotek™ is located in the heart of the rich agricultural lands surrounding the Fraser river, in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Our ISO 9001:2008 approved facility produces consistent quality products for our clients around the world. The main focus at Grotek is to create innovative solutions from initial research, through to a concept, and all the way to an effective product. We continue listening to and working with our worldwide partners in an effort to provide a top quality specialty fertilizer to all those searching for gardening success.


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