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Space age reflective agro Mylar sheeting. Recent tests show when used completely in a grow room as opposed to not using any, plants can get up to 30% more yields. One-off cost of mylaring your grow room then you will continuously benefit from its installation. Remember, more light equals more yield. This product is the most reflective medium on earth. NASA research, development and technology now available for your indoor grow room.

For privacy, quiet and insulation, consider a living wall. You’ve landscaped, gardened, and perhaps even planted your roof. Now consider another opportunity for plantscapes: Vertical planting on walls. Growing “green walls” or “living walls” provides small-footprint gardens as well as insulating and beautifying greenery that can disguise the most uninspiring walls and serve as a delightful alternative to conventional fencing.

They can provide privacy, sound barriers, habitat, moisture, and shade in addition to gardens that can provide flowers, fruits and vegetables. They can even naturally filter or evaporate rooftop runoff and wastewater, helping to take a load off stormwater and wastewater systems and protecting rivers and streams. Living walls differ from trellises, and ivy- and climbing plant-covered walls in that they feature growing medium that allows plants to take root in the wall, not just at the base of it.

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