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SilencedAir Duct Silencers Global Air Supplies
Reduce the noise in your duct work by adding a silencer. They absorb the noise created by fans and from the air hitting the sides of the duct work. Silencers remove a lot of unwanted noise; two can be used in series where unwanted noise is a particular problem. With the higher flow rates of our professional fans, air noise can become a problem. Air moving through ducts creates noise. The faster the air the more noise is created. If noise is a problem connect a silencer to your system. They are most effective if positioned directly after a fan or after a tight bend in duct work. These high quality silencers are air tight and can be u..
EC Temperature Speed Fan Controller Global Air Supplies
GAS digital EC fan controllers have been specifically designed to control the Revolution Vector fan range. They control the fans correctly through 0-10 Volts.100 steps for smooth linear control No humming from the fans Save on power cost Precise climate room control Shows minimum and maximum temperature Switch between ºC and ºF Plugs directly onto Vector EC fansDigital EC Fan BalancerThe Digital EC fan Balancer (sold separately) is an add on if you wish to control the speed of each fan separately. Use this to fine tune the balance of fans in your grow room. Or use a Y splitter cable with different sized ..
Digital EC Fan Balancer Global Air Supplies
The Digital EC Fan Controller from Global Air Systems has been designed to control Revolution EC Vector fans. How do EC fan controllers work, it's very simple EC fans are plugged into the mains power supply and controlled via a low voltage signal cable from the EC fan controller. Regulates temperature by increasing or decreasing speed of EC Vector fans whilst producing no electrical humming noise.Reactive Temperature Technology RTT built-in to the EC fan controllers microchip stands guard over the climate in your grow room. When a sudden spike in temperature is detected the EC fan controller will react quickly to increase fan sp..
Cable Pack 1 for GAS EC System Global Air Supplies
Cable Pack 1 for the GAS EC System.Y SPLITTER, 5M MALE/MALE ..
Cable Pack 2 for GAS EC System Global Air Supplies
Cable Pack 2 for the GAS EC System.5M MALE/MALE CABLE ..
Cable Pack 3 for GAS EC System Global Air Supplies
Cable Pack 3 for the GAS EC System.Y SPLITTER CONNECTOR ..
Cable Pack 4 for GAS EC System Global Air Supplies
Cable Pack 7 for GAS EC System Global Air Supplies
Cable Pack 7 for the GAS EC System.2M FEMALE/FEMALE EXTENSION CABLE ..

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