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Having a good healthy growing environment for your plants is of paramount importance. At Esoteric Hydroponics, we can offer advice on all ventilation and environmental control requirements. Visit our shop or contact us. Good air circulation is an important factor in any growing environment. An extractor fan is required to bring fresh air from the outside, into the growroom and another extractor fan is needed to remove the stale air. On some occasions, only the one extractor might be used to extract stale air from the grow room and the fresh air is replenished through vents in doors, windows and walls.

An adequate supply of CO2 in the growing environment is probably the main reason why an extractor is a requirement. Plants will quickly use all available CO2 in an enclosed environment, which could lead to slow growth of plants. Our range of extractor fans and environmental control equipment will ensure that you get the best results everytime.

With extraction it is very easy to over do it or under do it, so it is therefore very easy to get it wrong. We operate a "suck it and see" policy where if you get it wrong you can come in and exchange the extraction / carbon filter / ducting / spigots for the right ones. You pay the difference if upgrading, we pay the difference if downgrading. This is only applicable for 2 weeks after purchase.

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