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1gm/hr Ozone Generator AM6100 Ozone Machine for Water Disinfection Room Ozone Generators 2040 Ozone Generator 100mg/hr Variable Ozone Generator Corona Discharge Plug-in Ozone Generator
 Variable Ozone Generator AirMaid
AirMaid Variable Ozone Generator.Features 5 levels of strength for ozone output and 5 options for preset timed release doses of ozone.SpecificationsOzone Output: 100mg/hr Treats areas up to: 150m³ Timer: 4 Preset Timer Settings. Size: 302 x 115 x 118 mm. Weight: 2.1 kg. Power Supply: 110/230V,   50/60Hz,   20 W. Casing: Brushed Stainless Steel. Mains Lead: 3 core cable; 2m long.  BS Standard 3 pin plug. Instructions: Included. Setting Chart: Included. Mounting: Portable unit.
AM6100 Ozone Generator 1gm/hr
SpecificationsOutput: 1gm/hr (dependent on temperature and humidity) Pump: 5 Litres per min (variable) Power: 85VA Weight: 3kg Fuse: 1.6A Supply: 230V 50/60Hz Size: 220L x 44W x 20H mm Temperature: -10c to +40c
Ozone Machine for Water Disinfection Aquazone
A very efficient water disinfectant device that can deliver from 0 to 300mg/hr of Ozone. Highly effective against microbes such as bacteria, viruses and pythium. Ozone promotes high oxygenation of nutrient solutions, cleans pipes, trays and growing media all without the use of chemicals or other additives.
Corona Discharge Plug-in Ozone Generator N/A
This innovation in ozone generation produces 7mg O3 per hour. The built in factory timer switches the unit on for one minute and off for seven minutes. It is ideal for use in offices, homes, indoor gardens, kitchens, and many other applications. Robust and lightweight, the Plug-in Ozone Generator features an attractive carbon fibre finish.MASSIVE 90m3 CAPACITY! 12 Months warranty.
2040 Ozone Generator AirMaid
Ozone Generator encourages plant growth. It also discourages insects but primarily dissolves odours. This is a tried and tested safe domestic appliance. The AirMaid 2040 ozone generator has variable output up to 40mg/h.
Room Ozone Generators Uvonair
Uvonair... For fresher air instantlyUvonair odor eliminator generates ozone that is one of nature’s most effective oxidizing agents. Ozone safely alters the molecular structure of offensive micro-organisms, to eliminate odors. It also kills mould, mildew and bacteria.Ultraviolet light produces a steady fog of ozone with an extra oxygen molecule attached. Ozone has the interesting characteristics of latching on to any airborne organic particles, such as bacteria, smells, and fungal diseases, and destroys them by oxidisation.

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