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OCL Controller DLC 1.1 Temp/Humidity/CO2 EMS Pro Temp/Humidity/CO2 Analysis Superpro Carbon D-1 Portable CO2 Meter HS-2 HS-1 Portable CO2 Meter T-2 Pro CO2 Controller T-1 Pro CO2 Controller T-Micro CO2 Controller with Sensor Evolution CO2 Sensor (Analyser) Evolution CO2 Regulator
CO2 Gas Bottle
Please note: CO2 bottles cannot be sent - only picked up from shop. Other sizes are available on request.
OCL Controller DLC 1.1 Temp/Humidity/CO2 OCL
The OCL X-series, with extremely powerful and higher PAR output than traditional fixtures, ask for a smart controller. That is why OCL designed the world’s smartest and yet easy to operate lighting controller. All sensors (TEMP/RH/CO2) can be calibrated, it detects sensor failures and when a connection is not set-up properly a warning will automatically be displayed. The OCL DLC-1.1 Smart Lighting and CO2-Controller (sold seperately) includes a built-in clock and back-up battery with a 30-year lifetime. The DLC-1.1 simulates natural...
T-Micro CO2 Controller TechGrow
The smallest controller in our series. A complete and very easy to operate CO2 controller. Best in its class thanks to its completely digital technique. The TechGrow T-Micro CO2 Controller is a digitally controlled device that measures and regulates the CO2 value in a room. Automatically switches between Day/Night settings by means of the external CO2-sensor and light sensor. The T-Micro CO2 Controller has a robust casing and is equipped with an LCD-display. Furthermore, the T-Micro’s built-in calibration function makes it possible...
T-1 Pro CO2 Controller TechGrow
This completely redesigned controller is just as easy to use as the other TechGrow Devices with which it is compatible. The TechGrow T-1 Pro measures and controls the CO2 value in an area. It automatically switches between day and night modes by means of the external sensor. The T-1 Pro is a digitally controlled device which measures and regulates the CO2 value in a room. It is designed with a modern digital display on which you can easily read out the CO2 value and set the desired value, ranging between 300 ppm and 2000 ppm. The T-1 Pro...
T-2 Pro CO2 Controller TechGrow
The T-2 Pro is an unparalleled device that controls the CO2 value, temperature and humidity in your growing area. Because of this unique combination you can dose your CO2during the day, while letting your fan extract excess CO2and moisture produced by your plants during the night. The T-2 increases ventilation at high temperatures, but this can be overruled by setting the temperature set-point (very) high. This completely redesigned controller is compatible with many other TechGrow devices. The T-2 Pro measures, controls and displays CO2...
Unis CO2 Controller Ecotechnics
User friendly Co2 controllers and are very reliable. The Unis Co2 Controller is really simple to set up and use, you simply dial in the grow room size on your Unis Controller and connect up the regulator to your gas bottle. The easiest and most effective way to inject Co2 into your grow room. The beauty of this kit is that it has its own built in special Co2 timer, so all that you need to do is tell it the size of your grow room and it does the rest for you. Designed for small to medium sized grow rooms. Simple to use Long-term...
Evolution CO2 Sensor (Analyser) Ecotechnics
The Evolution NDIR CO2 Sensor The new solid state evolution CO2 sensor from Ecotechnics Represents the latest state of the art sensor technology utilizing advanced solid state Indium Antimonide LED’s and detectors with Precision engineered, gold plated optics to provide high accuracy fast response real time CO2 sensing from 0-10,000ppm. This Sensor can be purchased separately from the Evolution controller Ask your retailer for further details of this product. User friendly CO2 Analyser that’s very accurate and very reliable. The...
Evolution CO2 Regulator Ecotechnics
This is the perfect Bottled Gas Regulator for use with the Evolution CO2 Controller, we have this regulator produced for us in the UK from top quality components it has a fixed flow rate of 17 Litres per Minute and is our standard horticultural regulator. User friendly CO2 Regulator that’s very reliable. The CO2 Regulator is really simple to set up and use. Compatible with  Unis CO2 Controller and Evolution CO2 Controller Full 1 year warranty.   Evolution CO2 Regulator: This Regulator is connected to your CO2...
CO2 Monitor and Doser - Computer Controlled Complete Ecotechnics
The Ultimate CO 2 Controller. • Simple to use. • Four separate modes of operation. • Can be used with or without Analyser. • Latest Microprocessor technology. • Intelligent Multi Stage CO 2 dosing. • Wall mountable. • User friendly. • Full 1 year warranty. • Low Cost Carbon Dioxide is one of the most important factors in an indoor growroom or glass house. Photosynthesis is the term used to describe the process by which plants combine CO 2 molecules with water molecules to form complex sugars...
HS-1 Portable CO2 Meter TechGrow
Compact and extremely accurate portable handmeter. The HS-1 CO2 Meter is ideal to measure the CO2 value and temperature in a room. The HS-1 CO2 Meter also features a simple calibration function and a clear audible alarm that gives a warning when the set alarm value is reached. The HS-1 takes a measurement every second. Thanks to the backlight of the LCD display it is possible to measure the CO2-value and temperature in low-light condition. Special features: Useable in any room. Extremely accurate CO2 sensor, produced by...
EMS Pro Temp/Humidity/CO2 Analysis Ecotechnics
The EMS-Pro is the culmination of a lengthy research and development program at Ecotechnics, our design goal was to create a simple usb sensor to measure temperature, humidity & CO2 levels and to record them for later analysis. Key features: Plug and play USB sensor Windows compatible Realtime graphics display Records all levels for graphing 1 year warranty
Portable CO2 Meter HS-2 TechGrow
The HS-2 is ideal to measure the CO2 value, temperature and humidity in an area. The TechGrow HS-2 Portable CO2 Meter uses NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infra Red) technology to ensure reliable measurements, similar to the CO2 sensor that TechGrow uses for years for all monitoring- and controlling instruments. The HS-2 features a clear audible alarm that warns when the CO2 value exceeds the set alarm value. Also, the HS-2 features a calibration function to calibrate the CO2 sensor against outdoor air. Special features: Useable in any...
Dimlux Maxi Controller OptiClimate
The Maxi Controller can adjust the output according to the ambient temperature: the lamps are dimmed automatically when the temperature exceeds a maximum pre-defined level. Using the DimLux with a Maxi Controller enables you to plug the DimLux directly into a wall socket without needing an intervening relay, time delay unit or time switch – which saves you costs. A DimLux controlled by a Maxi Controller is the only (digital) ballast that does not need to use an inrush current. Inrush currents of conventional (digital)ballasts vary...
Carbon D-1 Superpro
Digital CO2 Controller The CARBON-D1 Deluxe Digital CO2 Controller features a precision NDIR carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor that measures the level of CO2 up to 2500 PPM. The CARBON-D1 can be used to control supplemental CO2 in greenhouses, or vent excessive CO2 from mushroom arms or closed indoor spaces. A resettable circuit breaker and heavy-duty internal construction ensures the unit will operate for years without fail. The CARBON-D1 contains only high-quality UL / CE listed components.   Specification: Input voltage: 230...
CO2 PPM Controller - CARBON-B1 Superpro
The CARBON -B1 is designed to cost-effectively control the CO2 level inside a growing area. An extremely accurate NDIR CO2 PPM sensor (part-per-million meter) is combined with a digital microprocessor to create an accurate and simple method to control supplemental CO2 use in a greenhouse. The unit can control CO2 levels up to 2500PPM. The user selects the desired CO2 level to be maintained. A built-in photocell automatically activates the unit only during the DAY. The user can also select their desired “Dead-band” setting depending on...
ExHale CO2 Bag N/A
The CO2 revolution for all growers! No need to turn it on or turn it off, simply place the ExHale CO2 bag in your grow space and leave it alone to do its job. A continuous shower of CO2 directly onto your plants is the most efficient way to deliver CO2. Placing the ExHale Cultivator slightly above the level of your plants will insure they receive the CO2 they need 24 hours a day for up to 6 months. ExHale®-Homegrown CO2 is a revolution in indoor CO2 production systems. 1 Bag for up to 16 square feet Cost effective CO2 for tents or...
CO2 Boost Bucket N/A
These all natural CO2 generators are a great alternative to the usual methods of distributing CO2 in your grow space. Unlike other methods of CO2 generation the boost bucket requires nothing but a socket and in some cases a fan to operate. Other methods of CO2 generation are known to be dangerous or cumbersome often requiring heavy tanks or open flame. The CO2 Boost Bucket has a life span of around 60 days if used continuously, if placed on a timer the bucket can last around three months. The bucket gives off around 1000-2000ppm CO2, however...
CO2 Monitor / Controller / Sensor Growing Innovations
The GI professional CO2 monitor/controller combines the very latest technology with plug and play operation. We have added a photosensor to detect light and dark, this automaticaly changes the working mode of the controller. Other features include: fully adjustable between 0-2000ppm, wall mountable, extremely accurate external sensor with 3 meter cable & automatic calibration. The GI controller can be used with CO2 generators, CO2 injection devices, solenoid valves & pumps. For use with Coolgen, the controller would be either...
Coolgen - Standard Pump & Internal Filter Growing Innovations
Water Pump & filter for use with coolgen when operating a short distance reservoir (up to 10 meters). Features:   - High pressure(1.1Bar).   - Internal filter.   - Max pressure: 1.1 bar.   - Max recommended hose length: 10m   - Self-priming.   - 2 year guarantee
Coolgen - Pump & Filter for Long Distance Reservoir Growing Innovations
Water Pump & filter for use with coolgen when operating a long distance reservoir (10-40 meters). Features:   - High pressure(3.5Bar).   - Pump,suction hose and filter.   - 3500LPH(litres per hour).   - Max pressure: 3.5 bar.   - Max recommended hose length: 40m   - Self-priming   - Course and fine filters   - Spare seal set included   - 2 year guarantee
CO2 Analysis Kit Growth Technology
The handy bits and pieces that you will need to get if you are going to use CO2 in your grow room. The CO2 Test Kit is an essential part of any growth gas environment, allowing you to precisely check the levels of CO2 in your grow room. The CO2 Test Kit is an essential part of any growth gas environment, allowing you to precisely check the levels of CO2 in your grow room. Spare CO2 analysis tubes are also available for ongoing testing, whilst CO2 dispersion tubing enables distribution of growth gas around your grow room. A manual tester...
Harvest Master CO2 Easi Harvest Master
A simple to use, innovative CO² sensor and controller, the Harvest Master CO² Easi Controller monitors the growing environment of your grow room – vital for healthy plant growth! The operation of CO2 EASi. CO2 EASi is intelligent control of CO2 and at the same time, an Intelligent Temperature controller when the COOL KIT is attached. In Light ON periods (Day): The controller will try to maintain Max co2 high PPM for the longest duration. It aggressively maintains the CO2 at and just above your target ppm value. It will use COOL output...
BZ25 CO2 Air Quality Monitoring Device N/A
CO2-Sensor: NDIR sensor (non-dispersive infrared) Carbon dioxide measuring range: 0 to 9,999 ppm CO2 Carbon dioxide resolution (accuracy): 1 ppm (±75 ppm or ±5 % of the measuring value) Temperature measuring range: -5 °C to +50 °C Temperature resolution (accuracy): 0.1 °C (±0.5 °C) Relative humidity measuring range: 0.1 % RH to 99.9 % RH Relative humidity resolution (accuracy): 0.1 % RH (max. ±3 % RH) Measuring interval: 2 seconds Memory: 50,000 measuring values Functions: Real-time display, minimum and maximum...
BZ30 CO2 Air Quality Data Logger N/A
CO2-Sensor: NDIR sensor (non-dispersive infrared) Carbon dioxide measuring range: 0 to 9,999 ppm CO2 Carbon dioxide resolution (accuracy): 1 ppm (±75 ppm or ±5 % of the measuring value) Temperature measuring range: -5 °C to +50 °C Temperature resolution (accuracy): 0.1 °C (±0.5 °C) Relative humidity measuring range: 0.1 % RH to 99.9 % RH Relative humidity resolution (accuracy): 0.1 % RH (max. ±3 % RH) Measuring interval: 2 seconds Memory: 50,000 measuring values Functions: Real-time display, minimum and maximum...
Electronic Ignition CO2 Generators Superpro
Finally available in the UK, A safe and reliable CO2 generator, featuring Electronic ignition, eliminating the need for wasteful and potentially problematic open pilot lights. Available in 3 different size's for small, medium and larger applications. Perfect for sealed rooms, each unit consists of several innovative and useful safety features, for both personal safety as well as efficient operation and maintaining the safety and performance of your plants. For example, if the burners do not fire the first attempt, it will try again. After a 30...
Growth Gas Generator
The Growth Gas Generator produces CO2 by burning propane gas. This is a highly efficient and cost effective source of CO2 provided that it is used correctly. Normal propane greenhouse heaters are not the most efficient way of producing CO2 as they are usually controlled by thermostats. This means that CO2 production is tied to temperature, most being produced in the dead of night when plants cannot utilise it. Growth Gas Generator is designed specifically for CO2 production and the production of heat is minimised. Growth Gas Generator is...
Coolgen SX2 - Growth Gas CO2 Generator Growing Innovations
The COOLGEN SX2 propane/LPG CO2 generator " is the latest piece of technology available for supplementing CO2 to plants. The COOLGEN is loaded with safety features and a powerful 16KW flame that produces up to 3.6 KG of cool CO2 per hour. Compared to a standard CO2 generator the SX2 runs more than 700% cooler. This is possible because of a specially designed heat exchanger mounted over the flame. This feature allows 86% of the heat produced from burning LPG to be removed from the growing environment; allowing the gardener to maintain optimum...

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