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Geno-box Propagating Tent by Black Orchid

Geno-box Propagating Tent Black Orchid
Starting at £89.00

Geno-box Propagating Grow Room Tent

This is the smaller of two very usable sizes propagation tents and comes with everything you would expect from a brand. This small sized 50x100x50cm is perfectly suited to fit most propagating lights, propagators, seed trays and cloning kits.

Black Orchid cleverly utilise the logo tab for a hygrometer pocket. Also, the Hydroponic-light tent has four hanging bars. This really helps when hanging all your hydroponic equipment such as propagation lights, filters and fans. The extra hanging bar also ensures a much more stable hanging structure.


  • Black Orchid Geno-box Propagating Grow Room Tent.
  • Metal quick-fit corners and poles for added strength and durability.
  • Branded diamond pattern Mylar for maximum light distribution and reflectivity.
  • Heavy duty lightproof zips.
  • 100% PVC free material used throughout.
  • Fitted spill tray included.
  • RoHs and CE approved.
  • External pocket for hygrometer with Velcro covered probe entry point (hygrometer not included).Suitable for all hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic propagating systems.
  • Four hanging bars included for extra equipment and weight capacity.
  • Rustproof metal poles and corners, painted white.
  • Three low level passive ventilation inlets with lightproof Velcro covers.
  • Double lined high level cable entry sock.
  • Designed specifically for all plant, seeding, propagating, cloning and cuttings.
  • Double lined roof mounted ventilation socket.
  • All sockets are light protected with draw string pulls.
  • 2 year Black Orchid warranty.

What's in the box?

  • Propagating tent.
  • Four hanging support bars.
  • Full colour Black Orchid instructions.
  • Spill tray.
  • Four straps with Velcro, for hanging fans, filters, lights and equipment.
  • Black Orchid 2 Year Warranty Card.
Brand: Black Orchid
Product Code: Geno-box
Availability: In Stock
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Product Q & A
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Size of black orchid tent
Will i have enough room to put a carbon filter light and small clip fan in the smaller version of the two? If so what size carbon filter and ducting am i looking for?
  • I guess you could get a filter in there, but you would need to make it the smallest one possible, like a 100mm x 150mm, alternatively you could put a filter outside and push the exaust air through it? I doubt a filter will be necessary if you are just propagating in the tent, as for a light, there is ample room for a T5 or fluorecent tube stylke light but definitely not a HID

    ​Hope this helps
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