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Rhizopon Rooting Hormone Powder
Rhizopon Rooting Hormone Chryzotop Green 0.25% Powder 25g is a strong ..
Monsoon Humidifier
The ultrasonic humidifier uses a metal diaphragm vibrating at an ultra..
Hacienda H-16 Plus LED Grow Light
Hacienda H-16 Specifications:Equivalent to: 1000W NDL/HPS Tot..
Hacienda H-16 LED Grow Light
Hacienda H-16 Specifications:Equivalent to: 600W NDL/HPS Tota..
Hacienda H-9 LED Grow Light
Hacienda H-9 Specifications:Equivalent to: 400W NDL/HPS Total..
Hacienda H-4 LED Grow Light
Hacienda H-4 Specifications:Equivalent to: 250W NDL/HPS Total..
Bloomroom Giant Plus 3.6m x 2.4m x 2.0m
Skin:Material - 600*300DVentilation Hole Points:Roof - 2 x..
Bloomroom XL Plus 3.0m x 2.0m x 2.0m
Skin:Material - 600*300DVentilation Hole Points:Roof - 2 x..
Bloomroom Medium Plus 2.0m x 1.0m x 2.0m
Skin:Material - 600*300DVentilation Hole Points:Ro..
Black Orchid Centri-Flo Extraction Fans
Even with the developments of new mixed flow and hybrid flow technolog..
Shady's Grow Room Glasses
Shady Optics have developed glasses specifically for use in grow rooms..
Black Orchid Silenta Acoutic Box Fans
Black Orchid Silenta Acoutic Box Fans are extremely powerful yet maint..
Black Orchid Acoustica - Silent Inline Box Fan
Black Orchid Acoustica Box Fans are extremely powerful yet maintain lo..
Cobra Filters
Cobra filter are the result of solid research and over 20 years experi..
CAN Inline Carbon Filters
CAN Inline Carbon Filters are made from Can’s lightweight, high grade ..
Bloomroom Flexi Rez Catchment Trays
Introducing the all new Flexi Rez flat packed catchment trays! The per..
Kind LED Flower Bar Light
The Flowering Bar Lights are biased on the red end of the spectrum and..
Kind LED Vegetative Bar Light
The Vegetative Bar Lights are biased on the blue end of the spectrum a..
Bloomroom Flexi Bubbler 4 Site DWC System
The Bloomroom Bubbler 4 site has been developed with the growth period..
Bloomroom Flexi Bubbler DWC System
The new Bloomroom Flexi Bubbler (DWC system) has been designed with ta..
Bloomroom Flexi 4 Pot Drip Irrigation System
The new Bloomroom Flexi 4 Pot System is completely unique in the way t..
Wilma Coco Lite 22 50L
Coco Lite 22 is a twist on popular hydroponic mediums, by Blending Coc..
Wilma Coco Lite 11 50L
Coco Lite 11 is a new growing media specifically tailored to assist Co..
SMSCom Hybrid Controller MK2 4A, 8A, 16A
The Hybrid Controller combines mechanical fan speed operation with the..
SMSCom SPC Fan Controller & Slave 8A &16A
The SMSCOM SPC is a heavy duty twin fan controller that automatically ..
Control Freak Dual Fan Controller 6A
The Dual Controller is easy to use and is ideal for controlling inlet ..
Control Freak Fusion Controller 4A & 8A
The Fusion Controller is a heavy duty fan controller that automaticall..
Control Freak Intelligent Controller 5A
A digital fan speed controller which is easy to set and automatically ..
600W DIGITA Ballast With MINii Reflector And 600W SunBlaster HPS Lamp
The LUMii Digita Ballast is a fully electronic ballast. This technolog..
BioGreen X-Blast is a fertilizer specifically developed to be used in ..
X Force Silicon
Bio Green X Force Silicon is a product that is rich in silicic acid an..
Newa Jet NJ4500 4500LPH Water Pump
Submersible, multi-use pump. Electronic control of rotation and analys..
Baseline RTW System Kits for 4 - 60 Pots
The Baseline kits have been developed to make ordering easier and incl..
Silver Bullet Mist
A Grow Room Disinfectant Like No OtherSilver Bullet Mist is the pe..
Silver Bullet Roots
An Active Hydro System Disinfectant Like No OtherSilver Bullet Roo..
RAM Air Pro ii 14A Fan Speed Controller
The RAM AIR-PRO is an intelligent and silent indoor climate controller..
GSE 16A Digital Fan Controller
Humidity and temperature controller for intake and exhaust air fan wit..
Heavy Harvest
Plants work hardest during the bloom phase. They need much higher leve..
Yummy Yield
SNOOP’S PREMIUM NUTRIENTS YUMMY YIELD is a unique growth promoter whic..
In nature the plant root zone is a microhabitat which contains natural..
Radical Roots
Roots are vital to successful growth. SNOOP’S PREMIUM NUTRIENTS RADICA..
Bloom A&B
To reach their full potential, flowering plants require more cations t..
Grow A&B
To reach their full potential, plants in the growth phase require a ba..
Start A&B
Research has shown that it’s bad practice to use grow nutrients at a r..
Super Helios Pro 6 - 1200W
Full spectrum for all stages of growing. From seed to harvest.The ..
AgriAir 2200 PG Air Purifier
The AgriAir 2200 PG air purifier is designed for highly sensitive envi..
AgriAir PAC Air Purifiers
The AgriAir PAC air purifiers are designed for highly sensitive enviro..
AgriAir PG Air Purifiers
AgriAir PG air purifiers with photo catalytic generators produce eco-f..
Continuing their innovating range of specialist products, Mills Nutrie..
BOYU Adjustable Air Pump S-2000 - 480LPH
This quiet running air pump is highly efficient and has a low energy c..

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