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Tomato Juice and Rox
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By popular demand we have sourced and can now supply two infamously acclaimed new products:

Tomato Juice instantly stops plants from growing any taller and also sends a complex trigger to immediately turn the plants into flowering mode. This product does what it says it does and can shave a lot of time off your flowering period as well as unwanted height from your plants :) (A must have product for vertical growers). Use from 2-7 days into flowering. (A British incarnation of SuperBud)

Tomato Juice 1 litre Code: N343 £100

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Rox is a nutrient supplement designed to substantially enhance the yield and quality of your plants. A very powerful flower enhancer indeed. Possibly one the strongest on the market. Use from week 2-5 of flowering.

Rox 1 litre Code: N344 £100

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