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Finisher by Green Planet

Finisher Green Planet
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Finisher is a must have for use in the last 3 weeks of the flowering stage. Precisely designed for the heaviest harvest, finisher is a unique blend of organic enzyme activators, vitamins, essential amino acids and carbohydrates. The ingredients combined will unleash the full flowering potential of your favourite plants and herbs.

Finisher optimizes harvest weight, promotes vigorous growth, enhance flavour and taste, and increases the health of your flowering plants.

Finisher is a super additive used to finsh off your flowering cycle. This product was formulated to get the absolute most from your flowering plants.

No expense has been spared in researching and developing this impressive flowering additive. From using the finest in raw materials to the science of blending them in precisely the right way, Finisher will send your yields through the roof.

How it Works?

Finisher is designed to re-swell flowers and overdrive essential oil production. Finisher as the name alludes, finishes off the flowering stage in the best possible way to maximise your hard work with an amazing result. The combination of fulvic acids and triacontanol, helps transport essential fluids to the flwoering tops of the plant by speeding up vital plant process including photosynthesis and CO2 utilisation.

Why it works?

Finisher works because it has the following:

L-Form Amino Acids - Are the building blocks of protein, only L-form amino acids are able to be assimilated by plants. L-form amino acids help to increase chlorophyll concentration leading to higher rates of photosynthesis. They have a chelating effect on micronutrients increasing the absorption and transportation throughout the plant. L-form amino acids are also precursors or activators of phytohormones and growth substances enhancing the levels of terpenoids, phenolics, flavenoids and alkaloids. L-form amino acids also help to reduce plant stress by strengthening cell walls.

Vitamins - Specially formulated vitamin profile is designed to reduce environmental stresses and allow the flowers to reach peak maturity and maximum density.

Triacontanol - Is an alcohol based sugar found in high conectrations in bees waste and alfalfa. It has a wide ranging series of effects stimulating the natural production of plant hormones involved in flowering. Triacontanol has been proven to stimulate photosynthesis, increase chlorophyll content, increase cell density and increase CO2 assimilation while allowing the plant to process more light to supercharge the production of essential fluids and cell building. Triacontanol found in Finisher has been proven scientifically to have a direct effect on dry weight. Triacontanol is not found in that many products due to its high expense. We use a unique series of extraction techniques to ensure a consistent and powerful source of this amazing plant steroid.

Enzyme Activators - Finisher contains a blend of compounds that bind to a series of enzymes to speed up the plant metabolism and to allow the conversion of the active components of finisher to be assimilated in a rapid manner.

Unique Carbohydrate Blend - dextrose, arabinose, xylose, glucose, frutose and maltose and just some of the carbohydrates in Finisher. External sources of carbohydrates allow the plant to focus it’s energy on flowering and essential oil production and not on food production.

Lower Molecular Weight Humic Acid - This also known as Fulvic acid plays a vital role as a chelater of essential minerals and organic compounds allowing them to pass through the cell membranes much more efficiently. Fulvic acid stimulates enzyme production critical for plant functions. One of the most important functions of Fulvic acid is its ability to transport the other components of Finisher and important flowering materials into the cells where they are needed most.

Key Points

  • Totally unique, no other product compares to this
  • Designed to enlarge flowers 3 weeks previous to harvest
  • Stimulates Cell Growth
  • Stimulates chlorophyll content
  • Increases cell density
  • Increases dry weight
  • Allows to use more light
  • Better absorption and assimilation of carbon dioxide
  • Highly concentrated at a dilution rate 1:400

How to Use it?

Finisher is an essential part of any flowering program as it really swells the flowers and sets up the final harvest to reach its maximum potential. Finisher is most often used from the 3rd or 4th week of flowering. Quite a few growers are using finisher all the way through the flowering stage including the flushing stage unlike other flowering additives that need to be stopped due to their mineral salt content. Although finisher does contain trace amounts of mineral salts they do not have an impact and the other components in Finisher allow the complete utilization of these mineral salts to really pump up the weight and quality of the flowers and fruit. Finisher is added to your nutrient solution at a rate of 10ml per gallon throughout the flowering stage from the 3rd or 4th week right through to flushing.

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